Success Story

Laser Guided Land Leveler

Second green revolution through land and water management.

First green revolution has achieved by introduction of hybrid and improved seed. Like this, second green revolution can be achieve by land and water management. In this context, use of laser guided land leveler in leveling the field is most important. Previously, the farmers of the district was not know about the automatic laser guided land leveler machine. They level the field through traditional simple leveler . Through this leveler, the land is not properly level and time/ cost leveling is also go higher then improved leveler machine.

The CIAE, Bhopal has supplied laser guided land leveler to the centre under FLD scheme. After assessing the good performance and result of machine on KVK farm, the farmers are attracted to level their land by this machine. The first farmer Sri Surendra Kumar Tiwari, Village- Rudauli, Post – Charsari , Block- Kolonelganj by seeing the best performance and better result of this machine after leveling the field , he was very much interested for demonstration of machine on their field .

The KVK scientist has demonstrated the laser guided leveler on farmers field . After demonstration of machine, the farmer has convinced and satisfied with better performance and proper functioning of each instrument of the machine. After assessing the better crop performance on level field and increase in production of crop he wanted to purchase the machine. He has purchased the machine with the coordination of district agriculture department with 1.5 lakh subsidy. Now, he is leveling the other near by farmers field on custom hiring basis Rs. 800/hr. With in one year the farmer has earned Rs. 3 lakhs from this machine. At present time this machine become so popular that many farmers are interested to level their field through leveler guided leveler. Due to higher demand, many big farmers are ready to purchase this improved machine for custom hiring purpose.

The farmer Surendra Kumar Tiwari for his great success in this field give many-many thanks to the centre.

Flowers Can Gives Prosperity

Sri Stya Dev Yadav, Village- Beersinghpur is a marginal land holder aged about 45 years feels that agriculture is an uneconomical practice due to poor return from his land. Once he came into contact of KVK after discussing and analyzing his resources, KVK suggest flower cultivation. KVK also support him to bring contact with buyers. Now he is growing flowers on one acre land and earning approx. Rs. 40,000/- per year. Which is five times more in comparison to his traditional farming.

Seed Production as Self Employment

Sri Digvijay singh, village- Mijhaura is a young farmer aged about 27 years. He got a Bachelor degree in agriculture. After degree usually he searched job but unable then he think to do Something in his farm.

With many question he came to KVK and discussed allot on different aspect. Ultimately he decided to start seed production. Under guidance of KVK he started mustard seed production on half acre land. After great success and good economical returns now he is taking seed production programme on 3 acre land and produced Toria, Mustard & Wheat seed. He also formed seed production group named C S Azad Seva Samiti and sale his seed under this tag. Presently his group turnover is more than Rs. 1 lack. Now he is a roll model for unemployed rural youth.

Kitchen garden can support family income

Smt. Vijay Laxmi is a poor lady has marginal land holding lives at village –Tulsipur. She has responsibility of to daughters and a son. Any how she able to meet out her monthly expenses. Once she came at KVK and look the kitchen model, she impressed with the quantity and quality of vegetables produced at limited area after getting knowledge she started growing vegetables at home. Now she has established a good nutritional kitchen garden at home and meet out her family demand of fresh vegetables round the year from a limited area and minimum expenditure. After use she sale the produced approximately cost of Rs. 500-600/- per month. This kitchen garden gave her an identity as good vegetable grower in the village.